Compulsive gambling affects any kind of gambler and all of them for different reasons. Sometimes someone you least expect may suffer from compulsive gambling. I know, playing online casino games especially slots like emoticoins slot can be addicting and fun, but you should handle your gambling so it does not affect your life. You will read more about this topic at Spinathon. We hear stories of Vegas’ high-rollers, and we imagine that it’s just those kinds of people who are gambling, but in fact it’s not. Your friends, bartenders, boss, etc. could be a compulsive gambler in your life. What happens if you’re a boss and you’ve come to know about a compulsive gambler at your workplace? This article will guide employers on what to do with a gambling problem worker.

There are several signs that will lead you to suspect that your employee may have a problem with compulsive gambling. These shall include;

Mishandling time

Employees with compulsive gambling issues will regularly come to work late. While they’re there, you might find them frantically scanning the newspapers / gambling sites instead of focusing on the work at hand. Spending too much time on the work telephone or the internet is also a major red flag. We also prefer to take longer lunch breaks than normal, or to leave work sooner. These workers also take unexpected sick leave habits.

Lack of productivity

An employee who is busy focusing on the next gambling session or the last one will not be very productive at the workplace. Now and then he / she gets agitated-probably the impatience of waiting to watch out, so that they can play. This, too, goes hand in hand with lack of focus. Because of the services, the employee can begin to perform incomplete work, forget to perform certain tasks, and soon.

Misusing finances

If a gambler makes it to the point that they need to borrow money to play, that’s when you know they ‘re big. When they don’t get money from friends and family, their employer can be the next option.

This type of employee often asks for a raise and borrows money from his coworkers. Another sign of gambling problems is that your employee is receiving work calls from companies chasing payment. You can also note that your employee works extra shifts even when they are physically and mentally drained.