Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games with Blackjack. You’ll find this classic casino game in every casino, both online and offline. Of course, you enjoy the whole entourage in a real casino, but it’s also possible online today! 

How about Live Roulette?

Enjoy the atmosphere of a classic roulette game with a true croupier from your own easy chair.

Roulette Game Rules

The rules of the Roulette game are simple. Place a bet on one of the numbers in or outside the field to play the Roulette game.

There are no more bets

When everyone has placed their bets on the field, the croupier turns the wheel and throws the ball. Then he says, “No more bets” or “No more bets.” This is the moment when you can’t make your bets any longer. And then on, you have to wait as a player before the ball comes down on one of the numbers.


The croupier places the ‘dolly’ on the winning figure after the ball has dropped and then retrieves all the bets that have not been won from the table. He’s finally paying out the winners of the game. Roulette Betting You can use roulette in a variety of ways. Second, you can bet as much as you have chips, as long as a single bet is not higher than the maximum bet on the table you play. The minimum and maximum bet permitted at the table is normally put on a closet or near to a roulette wheel. If it is not clear what the minimum and maximum bets are, ask the dealer.

In roulette, you can still put inside bets, called inside bets. And ‘outside betting,’ or ‘outside betting.’ The inside bets are bets placed directly on the numbers, and the outside bets are bets placed outside the number box, such as red or black, high or low, even or odd, and a dozen bets.