Block Destroyer: A Breakout Game (Java Source Code)

breakout game start: 6 rows of blocks waiting to be broken, a paddle, but no ball so far

Play the game Breakout online or download it. Destroy bricks, bounce balls, have fun with this awesome clone of the classic arcade game.

It is written in Java with the libgdx library, so it can be played on the PC, Android as well as online. The java source code of this game is open and can be downloaded as well.

Breakout Game Description

For those of you who do not know this awesome classic arcade game: You have to bounce a ball off a paddle you controll. The goal is to break all the bricks with the ball.

This is a prototype of the breakout game written in java with the libgdx library.

Breakout Game Controlls


  • Paddle Left: Mouse Left
  • Paddle Right: Mouse Right
  • New Ball: Mouse Button


  • Paddle Left: Left Key
  • Paddle Right: Right Key
  • New Ball: Space
  • Main Screen: Escape
  • Increase Paddle Speed: Up Key
  • Decrease Paddle Speed: Down Key
  • Level Builder: b

Cheats/Test goodies:

  • Double Paddle Width: 0
  • Half Paddle Width: 1
  • Add Ball: 2
  • Dublicate Ball: 3

ToDos and known issues

A short overview over things that should be fixed or added when/if I have the time and energy for it (this is by no means a complete list).


  • Add goodies (when blocks are destroyed)
  • more levels (you can actually do this yourself with the level builder)
  • Source Code documentation could always use some work

known issues

  • Theme change requires a restart to fully apply (and is generally buggy)
  • Settings file resides in home directory

Breakout Screenshots

Play Breakout Online

Comming soon(-ish).

Download Breakout Game and Java Source Code

Breakout Game (jar) [9 MB]

Breakout Game for Android [5.1 MB]
(only tested in an emulator so far)

Breakout Source Code [130 KB]
(Eclipse projects with Data- and Library-Files deleted)

2 thoughts on “Block Destroyer: A Breakout Game (Java Source Code)

  1. because they are quite big, and I thought if people downloaded the source code that they would mainly be interested in the source code, not the data files.

    You can still access them in the first download (Breakout Game (jar) [9 MB]), they are inside the blockdestroyer_breakout.jar file.

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