There are too many Ads! I hate Ads!
Please feel free to block ads. I’m assuming anybody who does not like ads is already blocking them (I know that I am blocking them most of the time).

White background hurts my eyes / I do not like your design. Can I change it?
Yes, you can!
Switch to Light Theme
Switch to Dark Theme

 Why was my comment not published? 
see comment policy

Where is your Privay Policy?
see Privay Policy

Why does project xy not work (for me)?
 Where can I report a bug in a project?
Please post a comment on the page of the project.

What is up with the mixing of languages on this site?
My native language is German, but as I did not want to exclude pretty much the whole world from reading I mainly write in English. But if I think that a post or page will mainly interest German speaking people, I will write in German.
Furthermore, I will try to write the most interesting pages in English as well as in German.

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