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Our other Websites

Domain Name Suggestions, Registrar Comparison, Availability Check

Politician Says What Collection of funny political quotes

Trigger DB: List of Triggers in Movies (Alpha Version)

Web Development

validator.w3.org: Web Document Syntax Checker

symfony.com: Php Framework

gtmetrix.com: Site Speed Checker (also gives recommendations on improving speed)

spritegen: an css sprite generator

Web Security

owasp.org: Web Security

unphp.net: de-obfuscate malicious PHP code

Security “Checklist”

List of some insecure PHP functions


Java API Specification: Just gotta love a good documentation

Java Code Conventions: The next best thing after a good specification are good conventions

javacodegeeks.com: blog all about java

Java ist auch eine Insel: Umfangreiches Java Tutorial (deutsch/german) java tutorials


colorschemedesigner.com: Tool to pick well-matching color schemes

2d game art for programmers: tutorials on vector graphics for beginners

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