Comparison of Free UML Tools

There is a lot of different UML modelling software to choose from. Here, I will create a short overview over the most common free uml tools. This list is not meant as an exaustive review, but more to give you an idea what each of the tools can to so you have an easier time choosing the uml tool that is best for you. Gaphor ArgoUML Dia Violet UML Editor UMLet yEd Papyrus Modelio Further free UML Modelling Software What’s the best free UML tool?

Linux: Installing Ruby on Rails

The official Ruby on Rails documentation has a good guide on how to install Ruby on Rails. I still had some problems setting everything up, so here I will describe how I installed Ruby on Rails on Linux (LMDE). Installing Ruby on Linux Before installing Ruby on Rails we need to install Ruby as well as Ruby Gems and sqlite: sudo apt-get install ruby rubygems sqlite3 Installing Ruby on Rails on Linux sudo gem install rails -V -V because otherwise you will get no direct feedback.

Installing QGIS on LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition)

The solution that I found for installing qgis (Quantum GIS) on LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) is not optimal, but the only one that worked for me. I am getting QGIS directly from the QGIS Debian repository and I am temporarily adding the main debian repository to my sources, because QGIS depends on some packages that are not included in LMDE. LMDE: Install QGIS Add QGIS to your sources.

Linux command line Image Manipulation for Android Developers

Sometimes while developing Applications for Android one has to transform a lot of images at once. In those cases, it is easier to use the command line than standard programs such as gimp. Resize multiple Images via Command Line for i in *.png; do convert "$i" -resize 50% "${i%%.png*}.png"; done I use this a lot when developing for Android, as it is best to supply differently sized images for different devices to save memory.

Java – Image Manipulation

Handling Images in Java is fun. Here are some often used image manipulation methods. Negating colors of an image Change all pixels in BufferedImage to one color Changing opacity of image Adding two BufferedImages (with given opacity) Saving BufferedImage to a file Loading a BufferedImage from a file Most of these methods come from my java heatmap creating class so if you want to download them get them there.

Missing PHP String Functions: contains, equals, startsWith, endsWith

PHP is great because it is easy to deploy it on pretty much any webserver. But in my opinion the language itself is not very well designed. In this post I will take a look at the PHP string functions and offer implementations of those important string functions that PHP is missing (which are endsWith, startsWith, contains and equals). PHP and Java String functions compared: A Rant If you look at the Java String class it has all methods that one commonly needs for strings, and the method signatures are well designed.

Linux #4: Difference between find, locate and whereis

Difference between find, locate and whereis linux commands find: finds files by filename. see Linux: Search for a File by Filename for more details and example usages. locate: also finds files by filename but does not search the directory structure itself but only a database prepared by updatedb. Because of that locate is faster than find but less accurate. Examples: locate firefox # -> /etc/firefox # /etc/firefox-3.0 # /etc/firefox-3.5 # /etc/alternatives/firefox-homepage # /etc/alternatives/firefox-homepage-locales # [ .

Symfony2 Flash Message

Flash Messages make it possible to show a string on the next request, for example after a redirect. This is useful when you want to inform a user about the success or failure of form-requests. Symfony2 changed how flash messages work from version 2.0 to 2.1, so below you can read about how to use flash messages in both versions. Symfony2 flash message for Symfony 2.0 and below Setting the flash message To add a flash message – which lasts exactly one request – to a session use this code in the controller:

Domain Name Tools: Name suggestions, Price comparison and more

Here are a couple of tools that will help you choose and register a domain name: domain naming tipps: A list of things to consider when choosing a domain name. domain name suggestions generator: In case you need a good domain name idea this tool will generate a list of possible domain names on the basis of keywords provided by you and check if they are available. compare domain name prices: Compare the prices of the top domain name registrars and filter it by price, top level domain, available payment methods and by whether or not anonymous domain name registration is possible.