Choosing a good domain name is the first step to success when developing a website. The domain name tools provided here should help you to do just that before you register a domain name.

Choosing the right Domain Name

Choose a short domain name

Your new domain does not have to be two characters long, but keep it reasonable in length. If you are mainly using natural words in your domain it is ok to choose longer names than if your domain contains random characters. A good rule of thumb is to keep domain names shorter than 10 characters.

Easy to Remember

If you want your visitors to return to your website you should choose a domain name that is easy to remember. This means that it should mainly consist of words you could find in a dictionary.

Easy to Spell and hear

This point is mainly relevant if you want your website to get famous by mouth-to-mouth propaganda or if you have to give it out over the phone a lot. Most people will just google your website if they cannot remember the spelling, but it is still wise to choose clear sounding domains.

Check out the Competition

Google the domain name you are thinking about registering. Are there many well designed websites in the top search results? How sure are you that you can compete with them? You might want to think about choosing a different domain name than top the competitions. Try out some synonyms for the keywords you want to target.

Avoid generic domain names

If there is no competition for your desired domain name it might be alright to keep it generic, for example, but if there is a lot of competition, adding something that makes you domain special and stand out while still getting across for what you stand for might give you a head start.

On Hyphens in domain names

There are a lot of different opinions out there about whether or not hyphens or ok in a domain name. Personally, I think that one hyphen is alright, two might be - depending on the domain - , but more definitely makes your domain name look cheap.

Domain Name Tools

Generate domain name suggestions: Get a list of possible domain names on the basis of keywords provided by you.

Compare domain name prices: Compare the prices of the top domain name registrars and filter it by price, top level domain, available payment methods and by whether or not anonymous domain name registration is possible.

Check domain name availability: Check if your desired url name is available.